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The fattening unit has as a main object to exploit the farming of open sea fish, sea bream, sea bass, sharp-snout sea bream and new endemic Mediterranean types of sea fish.
Production includes 3 stages.

1st stage:  transportation of fry around 2 gr in weight.
This stage is a definitive factor in the smooth and successful farming of the fry.

2nd stage: pre-fattening.
Pre-fattening is the stage where the fish are farmed in cages, they are grown from 2gr to 130-140gr in weight approximately, inside fish cages with small diameter nets. This procedure requires frequent feeding and special monitoring of the fish, frequent changing of the nets due to the small diameter because they are covered by plankton which obstructs the renewal of the water.
In the beginning of pre-fattening the density of the fish is low, but it increases the closer we come to the end. Regarding feeding, artificial food is recommended. The food is given during the day with frequent feedings. The quantity varies according to the age and size of the fish.

3rd stage:  fattening.
Fattening is the third and most important stage in the farming of fish which are grown from 130-140gr to 330-350gr, or larger, depending on the market demands.
The food is artificial and balanced according to the size and age of the fish. The survival rates of the population during fattening varies between 90-95%.