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The unit is located on the end of northwest Greece and the island of Corfu.
The area's climate is temperate, with extensive sunshine and many rains, mainly in the October-March period.

Regarding the consequence to the environment which the GRAMMOS S.A. unit's operation might have, an environment consequences study has been issued. This study concisely mentions:

WASTE GASES: gases, vapours, flue gases, particles, emission of particles, smoke and dust do not exist due to the nature of the unit's operation.
LIQUID WASTE: the discharge of liquid waster regards (I) the metabolism products of the fish and (ii) the losses of the fish farmers, which do not have negative consequences on the environment.

FLORA/FAUNA: no change/burden is incurred on the flora and fauna of the region.
SOLID WASTE : there is no solid waste because the dead fish are collected by a special morbidity sack and the waste is collected in special bins, certified by the health board.

All the above leads to the reasonable conclusion that the production line of GRAMMOS S.A. does not cause any burden on the environment.