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The sea bass belongs to the  Perciformes order and the Actinopterygii class.
The scientific name of the sea brass is dicentrarchus labrax, it is a member of the Moronidae family, which is distributed in the Atlantic ocean and all the shores of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Its geographical distribution shows that it is determined by the behavioural characteristics, its feeding behaviour and its reproduction instinct. It is found in a large range of temperatures and salt concentrations. The sea bass is evenly distributed in sand, rock, and seaweed covered sea floors, and more rarely in muddy areas. They prefer less calm waters, because intense feeding activity appears to coincide with bad weather conditions. During their sexual maturation and spawning, the sea bass show preference to temperature of 10-12.5°C, in regions with unsaturated oxygen levels.
The sea bass feeds mainly on crustaceans, decapods,seabass gastropods, askelminthes, worms and certain teleosteus.  The generally hunt in schools, however, if the prey is on the sea floor, the school spreads out and grazes head-down, along the undergrowth. The fry develops by changing it nutrition from plankton to larger prey, for example copepoda, crustaceans and mysidae.

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